Genomics Events

Take the next step in boosting your herd’s performance by coming along to a genomics event in your region

Genomics events are being held throughout Australia in 2022. Depending on where you are in your genomic testing journey, come to learn about heifer genomics from like-minded farmers, find out how to get started with testing or how to maximise its value if you’re already testing.

Genomic testing analyses a heifer’s DNA to reliably predict her future performance in the herd. With heifer genomics you can:

  • Save money on rearing costs by not rearing heifers that are unlikely to perform in your herd
  • Make more informed choices about which heifers to sell
  • Significantly fast-track genetic improvement in the herd in traits of importance to you
  • Verify parentage or clarify pedigree

Genomics extension activities include:

Genomics at a Glance provides an entry point into the world of heifer genomics, including how to take a sample, and what you can do with the results. You’ll have the opportunity to hear from farmers about how they’ve improved their productivity and profitability with genomic testing.

Genomics in Practice is an intermediate look into genomics, with an on-farm practical workshop and seeing first-hand how to take a genomics sample with Tissue Sampling Units (TSU). You’ll also learn how to access and analyse the testing results, using DataGene’s DataVat web portal, and hear how the host farmer has improved their productivity and profitability with genomic testing.

Genomics in Action is an online national discussion group for farmers who are already genomic testing and would like to extract more value from their results. Discuss genomic testing with other farmers who are testing and guest experts.

Expression of interest registration

To register your interest in a genomics event, please follow the links below for your relevant region.

For more information, or to find a genomic service provider, visit Cow and Heifer Genomics.

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