DairyBio21-26 launches to improve ryegrass and more

DairyBio21-26 has launched and is the second phase of the DairyBio joint venture between Agriculture Victoria, Dairy Australia, and Gardiner Foundation.

The original DairyBio 2016-21 forage program successfully delivered to industry partners the perennial ryegrass F1 Hybrid parental pools, novel (newly discovered) endophytes, and the technology to genomically edit ryegrass for other desired traits (including digestibility, nutritive value, and persistence). These outputs have resulted in DairyBio forage delivering the targeted five times genetic gain for ryegrass to the forage breeding industry.

The original DairyBio 2016-21 animal program has delivered to industry, mainly through commercial partner DataGene, a range of new and improved breeding values, technology that delivers higher reliability for genomic selection, new selection tools for crossbreds, greater data showing the on-farm value for active genetic improvement, and advancements in the use of prediction tools including mid-infrared spectroscopy (MIR) for milk.

DairyBio21-26 has similar ambitions. The Future Forages program will use the technology developed in the first phase for ryegrass to improve other forage varieties and species to benefit the dairy industry for different climates and farm systems. The program also has a component focused on finalising the delivery to farm of the adapted and transformational high-quality forage options developed by the first phase of DairyBio.

The Future Cows program will focus on farmer selected trait and breeding priorities, and will use the advances in animal monitoring to provide new tools for profitable adaptation to future farms. The core outcomes of the DairyBio21-26 animal improvement program are long lasting cows for a lifetime profit that are adapted to a changing natural, regulatory, and social environment and maintain cumulative and permanent genetic gains.

For more information, visit dairybio.com.au or contact Cass Heal, Project Coordinator, via email or on 0406 535 091.


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