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Dairy Australia has co-invested with a number of industry partners including Agriculture Victoria and Gardiner Foundation in a major dairy research initiative called DairyBio.

DairyBio has seven projects that will improve pasture performance. This includes projects to improve perennial ryegrass, short term ryegrass and tall fescue as well as projects that study fungal endophytes that live in the plant and microbial populations that surround the plant.

A wide range of innovations are used in these projects, from large-scale observation of plant performance called phenomics, to DNA-based selection called genomic selection. DairyBio also features breeding programs that utilise hybrid vigour and new breeding technologies.

The latest results from DairyBio research will be extended to farmers via conferences and file days conducted by Dairy Australia's regional teams around the country.

This page of the Dairy Australia website will also be updated with new results and resources from these projects as the research findings emerge and are extended to farmers.

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More information on DairyBio plant research and other research initiatives is available on the DairyBio website.
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