Driving Herd and Feed Innovation

Delivering on-farm gains as a result of outcomes of research to improve genetics of pasture and cattle, and providing valuable data to inform dairy farm business decision making.

With a need for continuous, innovative approaches to help address on-farm challenges, seize opportunities and to build long term sustainability for dairy farmers and the industry, Dairy Australia has been committed to delivering valuable dairy research projects. 

Dairy Australia has cemented a long-term, strategic partnership with Agriculture Victoria and The Gardiner Foundation to drive this by co-investing, collaborating and delivering research programs across pasture and animal (herd) innovations since 2006.

With world-leading herd and pasture innovation programs, research being informed by industry with outcomes providing dairy farmers with insights and decision support tools to address key challenges for dairy farmers and supporting profitability gains and sustainably.

These research areas will continue to be informed by industry, especially dairy farmers.

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