Dairy Climate Toolkit

The Dairy Climate Toolkit has been developed for dairy farmers to access comprehensive knowledge on the challenge of climate change for their business.

Knowledge has been collated on the science of climate change, the opportunities for adaptation to projected climate impacts and how dairy farmers can profitably reduce greenhouse gas emissions embedded in the context of every-day farm management decisions.

This Climate Toolkit has been developed as part of the Profitable Dairying in a Carbon Constrained Future project, which ended in 2016 and was supported by Dairy Australia and the Australian Government, through the Carbon Farming Futures Extension & Outreach Program.

A series of technical videos has been provided on each of these topics which are available to view via the Dairy Australia YouTube Playlist – Climate Change and Dairy.

For regionally-tailored information on climate change visit the regional teams webpages which you can select at the top of the screen.

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