Climate Futures : Climate Risk - How can we respond?

Murray Dairy is working with farmers to collate valuable, local information and experience to help identify ways for the dairy industry to remain productive, sustainable and profitable under increasing challenges of predicted climate change impacts across northern Victoria and southern NSW between now and 2050.

Farmers in the Murray Dairy region have been and will continue to respond to a constantly changing operating environment. There are changes that are already happening on farm in response not only to climate but due to other factors that influence farm decision making such as policy changes, competition for resources and milk price. There will be different ways that farmers will respond that Murray Dairy wishes to capture as well as identifying the current, emerging and future challenges that are being presented.

The Climate Futures: Climate Risk – how can we respond? project will use information provided by industry to develop a climate adaptation strategy for dairy farming in the Goulburn Murray Irrigation District (GMID) and Southern Riverina (SR).

While no one can predict the future there is climate change modelling that can provide some insight into the changes we may experience. Our task is to understand what those changes might mean for dairy production systems and identifying current and future strategies to mitigate the risks they present. This will then be used to look at what research, development and extension is needed and define roles and responsibilities for future actions.

  • Climate Futures Assessing Climate Risk

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