Rural R&D for Profit Program

  • Rural R&D for Profit Program

    (16 February 2021)
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The project Enhancing the profitability and productivity of livestock farming through virtual herding technology, is a partnership between the major livestock industries of dairy, beef, wool and pork, and was led by Dairy Australia in conjunction with Meat and Livestock Australia, Australian Wool Innovation and Australian Pork Limited. Research partners in the Project included; CSIRO, University of Sydney, University of Tasmania, University of New England and University of Melbourne, along with the commercial partner, Agersens, Pty Ltd.

The 4-year project that was completed in December 2020 was developed to evaluate the application of Virtual Herding (VH) technology across different livestock production systems and examine the responses of dairy cattle, beef cattle and sheep to various cues and stimuli to improve productivity and profitability in the livestock industries.

For more details on the Virtual Herding project visit the Virtual Herding page.

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