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Land, Water and Climate

Natural Resource Management

NRM helps you look after your water, soils and biodiversity while managing your production input and overall business profitability.

Click here for Murray Dairy specific information on water availability, water markets and the Murray Drling Basin Plan.

Murray–Darling Basin

A detailed overview of the Murray–Darling Basin region, including water recovery, the water market, the resources available to help dairy farmers navigate the Plan and inquiries and reports underway.


Climate Change and Weather

The Australian dairy industry faces a number of risks as a result of climate change. This…

Soils, Nutrient, Effluent

This page provides dairy farmers with a number of resources to help them better manage soils, nutrients and effluent.

Water Use

The gateway to tools and resources for dairy farmers to use water more efficiently in t…


Dairy Australia has a number of resources available for dairy farmers looking to save on-farm energy costs.

Dairying for Tomorrow

A summary of some of the key tools and resources developed as part of the Dairying for Tomorrow project to help the dairy industry reduce its environmental footprint.

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