School Programs

Dairy Australia's school programs provide innovative curriculum linked programs and resources that enable teachers to educate students about dairy.

The aim is for school students to be aware of dairy benefits, where dairy comes from, and the possibilities for dairy careers. The program recognises the need to ensure long term trust and demand for dairy - school students are the consumers of tomorrow.

Farm visits

Farm visits are a popular excursion for school groups to help bring to life classroom learning about the dairy industry and the farm to plate process.

Dairy Australia's Farm Visit Kit has been created to help dairy farmers prepare for school groups visiting their farms. The kit contains posters, booklets and stickers to help before, during and after the visit, and can be requested by contacting us below.

Discover Dairy

Dairy Australia’s Discover Dairy offers a range of free curriculum aligned resources and programs for teachers to educate Aussie kids about the Australian dairy industry and products. Topics include the  farm to plate process, the health and nutritional benefits of dairy consumption, sustainability and careers. The resources include worksheets, inquiry units, activity ideas, videos, and interactive games that can easily be downloaded within the classroom. 

Picasso Cows

The popular Picasso Cows program continues to provide schools with a curriculum-aligned, interactive learning experience, bringing the dairy industry to life in the classroom. The program aims to educate kids about the Australian dairy industry, our people, and our products, all while decorating an almost life-sized, fibre glass cow and completing a learning journal. Teachers use Discover Dairy to support learning throughout the program.

Life Education Australia

Dairy Australia have partnered with Life Education Australia to reach and educate more primary school students, teachers and parents on dairy’s important role in a healthy diet.

Some of the fun in this program is found with the life-sized model of person, called TAMe, which is used to teach how bodies work. TAMe has her set of bones and her own digestive, nervous and respiratory systems. TAMe teaches how dairy supports a body’s growth.  

Healthy Bones Action Week

The funnest week of the year is Healthy Bones Action Week which encourages all Australians to think about their bone health.

To celebrate in schools, we encourage teachers, students and parents to visit the website linked above and look at our bone building facts and resources to better understand the importance of building strong bones at a young age.

Virtual reality

Dairy Australia’s virtual reality program for schools is an immersive, educational experience that uses headsets to transport children onto a dairy farm to learn about how milk is made.

Students will go from the paddock and milking shed to processing, packing and even even through a cow’s rumen to learn how their favourite dairy foods are made. They will also learn about how farmers and their teams work to supply nutritious, sustainable food to fuel a healthier Australia. 

Virtual classroom

Dairy Australia and Kimberlin Education have created a Virtual Classroom to live stream curriculum-linked dairy lessons by farmer Bonnie Ravenhill.

Through eight 45-minute sessions over terms 1 and 2, Bonnie will share her knowledge and experiences on dairy farming, work, food production, technology, sustainability and the health and nutritional benefits of dairy consumption.

Contact us

For more information, on any of the above programs or events, please contact the Dairy Australia Schools Team.

Dairy Australia Schools Team


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