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Dairy Australia engages with healthcare professionals and key opinion leaders to ensure dairy’s evidence-based health benefits are recognised and supported.

Healthcare professionals 

Healthcare professionals are a trusted source of information on health and nutrition for many consumers. Dairy Australia engages with over 25,000 healthcare professionals, including dietitians, general practitioners, practice nurses and dentists, to ensure their recommendations positively influence consumer attitudes towards dairy consumption for bone and muscle health.

We educate healthcare professionals on dairy’s role in the rising popularity of a plant-based diet. Milk, cheese and yoghurt in a plant-based dietary pattern improves nutrition and enjoyment, and follows the Australian Dietary Guidelines recommendations. Trusted health professionals such as Dr Joanna McMillan advocate for dairy’s role in a healthy, sustainable plant-rich diet.


Dairy Australia strategically invests in health and nutrition research that delivers a strong evidence base to promote the health benefits of consuming Australian dairy. We provide expert input to international committees that decide on key health and nutrition issues that require investment in dairy research.

An example of this research is the University of Melbourne led Fractures Trial on the benefit of dairy consumption in the elderly. This research in support of bone health found that increasing serves of dairy - milk, cheese, yoghurt and skim milk powder - from an average of 2 to 3.5 serves per day resulted in:

  • 33 per cent reduction in all fractures.
  • 46 per cent reduction in hip fractures.
  • 11 per cent reduction in falls.
  • Improved calcium and protein intakes.

It also provides evidence that Australia's health system could save an estimated $66 million a year if aged care residents increased their dairy intake.

We are working with Australian Dairy Farmers, State Dairy Farming Organisations and Australian Dairy Products Federation to ensure the impact of this research is well understood and informs decision making by government, the aged care sector, older people and the broader community.


Dairy Australia monitors and responds to the complex policy and regulatory environment. We engage with health and nutrition key opinion leaders including academics, government representatives and other influential players to stay ahead of regulatory and policy changes affecting dairy.

We provide expert input and evidence to inform food regulation and policy changes, including the revision of the Australian Dietary Guidelines and Health Star Rating system. This ensures milk, cheese and yoghurt continue to be recognised in guidelines and by experts for their nutrient density, unique health benefits and their positive contribution to health outcomes in the Australian population.

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