Consumer Marketing

Dairy Australia delivers a range of consumer marketing initiatives that promote the health benefits of Australian dairy, the industry commitment to sustainability and the rewarding careers available on farm.

Dairy Matters

Dairy Matters marketing campaigns demonstrate the industry commitment to the environment, animals, people and the health and wellbeing of all Australians. The campaigns highlight the unique health benefits of milk, cheese and yogurt, and demonstrate the actions farmers and manufacturers are taking to produce dairy foods in a sustainable way. 

The website is a credible source of information, educating the community about the dairy industry, its products and how they are produced. The ‘You Ask, We Answer’ section enables consumers to pose any question about dairy and have them answered by experts such as farmers, scientists, dietitians and vets.

To attract people to work on dairy farms, we deliver campaigns promoting the rewarding career opportunities. Information about working on farm and searching for job vacancies is available at Discover more about Dairy Matters and farm employment support below.

Farmer Ambassadors

Dairy farmers are a trusted voice among the community. Consumers, journalists and school students want to hear from farmers about their practices and experiences.

Farmers speaking positively and proudly on behalf of their industry reinforces the overall value of Australian dairy. Farmer ambassadors actively promote and represent the industry in schools, community events, marketing campaigns, media and social media. Discover more about Farmer Ambassadors and listen to our podcast episode on DairyPod.

Healthy Bones Action Week

Healthy Bones Action Week takes place in August every year to raise awareness of the importance of building and maintaining bone health and to encourage Australians to consume adequate serves of calcium-rich dairy foods. Discover more about Healthy Bones Action Week.

In support of bone health, the University of Melbourne led Fractures Trial looked at the benefit of dairy consumption in the elderly. Discover more about the research.

Australian Grand Dairy Awards

The Australian Grand Dairy Awards began in 1999 to recognise and reward quality and excellence in Australian dairy produce and to acknowledge the achievements of the highly skilled people producing these products.

Manufacturers of gold medal-winning products that have already been through a rigorous judging process at Australian qualifying competitions are invited to enter the prestigious annual Australian Grand Dairy Awards. Milks, yoghurts, ice creams, butters, creams and cheeses are judged by esteemed experts to determine the best of the best Australian dairy products. Discover more about Australian Grand Dairy Awards.

World Milk Day

World Milk Day, held 1 June each year, is an international day established in 2001 by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations to recognise the importance of milk as a global food.

Dairy Australia, together with the broader industry, celebrates World Milk Day each year by talking about the importance of milk for good health and the contribution of Australian dairy industry to jobs, communities and the economy.

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