GippsDairy Focus Farms

The Focus Farms project helps farmers improve operating surplus on farm by offering greater understanding of operational costs, maximising home-grown feed, and reducing fixed costs.

Running in Gippsland for over 20 years, the project monitors farm activities, expenditure, and runs a support group for farmers and local service providers, which is facilitated by an experienced farm consultant. It helps farmers:

  • Develop business skills and capability

  • Grow the farm business

  • Improve operational and environmental decision-making

  • Learn from other farmers

  • Transition farm business ownership.  

What's involved?

Farmers looking to join the Focus Farms project must commit time and energy to the project by joining monthly meetings, the support group and farm walks with the farm consultant. 

Upon joining, farmers will set goals for their farm with the support of the farm consultant. Goals may change during the time span of the project. 

Support group meetings

The support group meets once a month for about three hours. Meetings include a business discussion and farm walk. Discussions revolve around business challenges, planning and monthly financial analysis. 

There will be approximately 20 meetings over the life of the project. Traditionally there has been no monthly meeting in January. 

Open days

There will be three open days (or field days) where a farm will be open to the public to participate in a farm walk and farm operations discussion.

The farm consultant will facilitate the day and encourage farmers to participate in the discussion. 


How Now Gippy Cow – GippsDairy’s monthly farming magazine – includes a Focus Farms case study each month. 

Each participating farm will be focused on in the magazine every 3-4 months. Some milk companies also include Focus Farm information in their newsletters.


For more information or to request an application form, contact Karen McLennan on 03 5624 3900 or by email.

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