Drought Support

Drought is a recurring feature of Australia’s climate, with modelling predicting the country will experience more frequent and extreme drought events under climate change scenarios. Preparation will be key to business survival, with a range of programs and measures available to assist with preparedness for and recovery from drought events.

Preparing for Drought

Our Farm, Our Plan

Dairy Australia's farm business management initiative, Our Farm, Our Plan, is designed to help farmers identify long-term goals, improve business performance and manage volatility.

Our Farm, Our Plan uses a simple process involving all key decision makers in a farm business to identify how a farm is currently performing and the steps needed to achieve long term goals.

Our Farm, Our Plan

Develop long-term goals and identify actions to manage uncertainty and risk.

Drought Preparedness e-Guide

The Drought Preparedness e-Guide allows farmers to access more than 100 Farm Risk Management Resources to assist them in preparing for drought.

A Commonwealth Government initiative delivered by the National Farmers’ Federation (NFF), FarmHub is the first national directory of support and assistance measures tailor-made for farmers.

Getting the right seasonal information

Watching seasonal and long term forecasts helps farmers plan ahead for dry conditions. The Bureau of Meteorology website provides updates on seasonal outlooks.

Managing feed

When conditions are looking dry, getting the right market information and preparing a feed budget can help save time and money on-farm. The Feed Budgeting template can provide a framework for planning budgets, while useful planning information is available on the Hay Report and Grain Report pages. These reports track feed prices locally and nationally and are updated weekly.

Fact Sheet

Feed budgeting factsheet

This factsheet summarises the tools available to help dairy farmers with feed budgeting.
Feeding & Farm Systems
Farm Business

Managing during drought and recovering from drought

The State and Federal Governments, as well as a range of community organisations, offer a range of short-term and long-term assistance and resources to help affected households and businesses to manage and recover from drought.

Dairy Australia and Australian Dairy Farmers are actively supporting the NFF’s work to advocate for and develop drought support measures.

A searchable database of both government and non-government drought assistance programs and a comprehensive list of drought resources is available on FarmHub.

Alternatively, information about Farm Household Allowance and other income support for farmers is available through the Farmer Assistance Hotline at 132 316.

Looking after your most important resource

The most important resource for your farm business and your family is you, so looking after yourself should be a priority. During difficult times you need to know that you are not alone and that help is available. The first option is to speak to the important people in your life, and if you can’t, there are services available that can help.

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