Manufacturing Training

Dairy Australia supports local dairy manufacturers with external training courses and starter knowledge to improve operations and pathways to overseas markets. 

New entrant training and resources

Dairy Australia has worked with regulators and other stakeholders to provide manufacturing staff with access to training and skills specific to dairy manufacturing. Links to other providers of training for dairy manufacturing staff are also listed, providing a range of face-to-face and on-line learning opportunities.

Dairy Australia is also involved in initiatives aimed at supporting new entrants to begin manufacturing dairy products for both domestic and export markets. The Are You Trade Ready tool supports small to medium sized entrants looking to start dairy manufacture, and the Dairy Export Assurance Program collects specific resources for those beginning their export journey.


Farmers can also receive support from Dairy Australia’s farm system experts by attending a two-day workshop. It offers a great opportunity to connect with and learn from other farmers that are considering a farm system change.

The workshop will enable farmers to:

  • Outline their business objectives to determine the most suitable farm system.
  • Share initial versions of their strategic and action plans for group feedback.
  • Make an informed decision about the options and considerations for investing in a new system.
  • Get ready to start the planning, implementation and operation of their chosen system.

Register your interest in future workshops or request further information using the form below.

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