Dairy shed technologies

The use of precision dairy technologies has been increasing over the past two decades. This page contains information and resources on automatic cup removers, automated mastitis detection and automatic and robotic milking systems.

Calf Housing

Detailed case studies of the different types of calf housing systems farmers have adopted, as well as fact sheets and videos on calf housing systems.

Adapting Farm Systems

This project aims to provide dairy farmers with information and resources to make well-informed decisions when considering new feeding and housing systems.


An overview of some of the animal-based technologies available to dairy farmers including automatic gate timers, electronic cow identification, heat detection activity meters, laboratory tests for pregnancy diagnosis and walkover weigh scale systems.

Shade and Cooling Infrastructure

Shade is the most important consideration for reducing heat stress in dairy cattle, while sprinklers and fans are able to reduce heat stress further. In many cases, these can all be integrated into existing infrastructure.

Dairy Australia's Cool Cows website details the different shade, sprinkler and fan options available to farmers to help reduce heat stress, what considerations to take into account and the strengths and limitations of each option.

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