Board Positions open

WestVic Dairy is looking to fill four board positions, commencing in October 2021.

Three of the positions are open to farmers, and one is open to a non-farmer. Applications are open until 26 August 2021. 

Who we are

WestVic Dairy is the Regional Development Program of Dairy Australia (DA) in Western Victoria and is governed by a board of farmers and dairy specialist members. Dairy Australia is the research & development corporation for the dairy industry which is funded by farmer levies, matched by Commonwealth taxpayer funding, used to develop the industry. A portion of the national amount is allocated each year to WestVic Dairy to provide extension services to the industry in south-west Victoria.

The WestVic Dairy Board is made up of eight members whose role is to identify issues from the region and address them by developing and delivering projects using our levy-based budget. Find out more about the WestVic Dairy board

Board membership is made up of:

  • Six farmers – minimum of one who is supported by the UDV

  • Two independent members (non-farmer representatives)

WestVic Dairy employs an Executive Officer, an administration team and extension officers to deliver extension, run projects and manage the WVD business.

The commitment

The successful person will join the Board for a period of three years. During this time they will:

  • Attend and contribute to approximately six Board meetings per annum (duration approx. six hours, plus
    additional pre-readings) and be remunerated at the DA standard rate for their time plus travel costs (see

  • Be available for on-line meetings and may be asked to sit on sub-committees of WestVic Dairy as required

  • Be available to join the Board on training days/planning (approx two per annum) which may be held outside the region

What WestVic Dairy needs:

  • A clear thinker who can read, analyse and discuss issues and projects from the point of view of a commercial dairy farmer or industry stakeholder

  • A team player with sound knowledge of industry politics and the issues currently facing the industry

  • A person who is decisive and not afraid to defend a position whilst at the same time listening and considering the other points of view

  • Someone with ideas who is passionate to share them, develop them and see them come to fruition

What you get in return:

  • A chance to participate in setting the strategic research and development direction for the dairy industry in
    Western Victoria

  • A chance to meet the innovators in our industry and exposure to leading edge information and practices

  • The opportunity to discuss the future of the industry and new ideas within the industry with colleagues in dairying, researchers and technicians

  • Appropriate induction and training for the role will be provided

  • A network of industry leaders and exposure to leading industry processes and management

To apply

To apply, simply fill in the details on the form below and return to Lindsay Ferguson, Regional Manager of WestVic Dairy at
Applications close on 26 August 2021

More information

Contact Lindsay Ferguson at or 0418 545 580.

  • WestVic Board Application packPDF4.53 MB

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