Trade Relationships

Dairy Australia builds lasting relationships with international partners, which supports Australia’s high-quality dairy being consumed by more worldwide. For over 20 years, our scholarship program allows relationships between Australia’s dairy industry and international partners to form and grow.

The scholarship experience

Each year we invite contacts from China, Japan and South East Asia to take part in the Dairy Australia Scholarship Program. Scholarship participants learn about Australian dairy farming practices, manufacturing and more. Of course, they even get to try the delicious dairy foods and beverages on offer.

At the end of the Dairy Australia Scholarship, delegates are welcomed into our alumni group. There are currently over 850 alumni who are now influential dairy industry representatives in their respective markets. We offer alumni tailored insights and learning opportunities, as well as social and networking opportunities each year.

How it works

The Dairy Australia Scholarship ranges between classroom-style lectures, practical workshops and visits to farm and processing facilities. Highlights include:

  • Visiting farms to learn about dairying systems, landscapes and farm innovation.
  • Visiting factories to see first-rate manufacturing systems and testing facilities.
  • Learning dairy food safety standards and regulations.
  • Hearing from local dairy processors and fostering commercial relationships.
  • Learning how to make cheese first-hand and tasting it too.
  • Cooking with Australian dairy.

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