Dairy Food Safety

The Australian dairy industry is committed to producing safe and high quality food, while providing the best care for our animals, protecting the environment and supporting dairy workers and communities as part of the Australian Dairy Industry Sustainability Framework.

Dairy regions

Our dairy regions across Australia stand out for their rich pastures, clean water and pure air. It is this unique environment and our healthy, predominantly pasture-fed cows that produce some of the world’s most delicious and high quality milk.

Australia’s dairy processors are always innovating, adapting product to a modern market with dairy that meets the highest standards in food safety. Ranging from premium powders to award winning cheeses, the breadth and quality of what the Australian dairy industry can produce is what makes our products sought after across the world.

Industry food safety standards

As part of the dairy industry's Sustainability Framework, Australia's food safety standards are developed in conjunction with government agencies, industry groups and consumers to go beyond standards and goals.

Our baseline are the standards legislated and published in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code. They are relevant to our environment, farming and production systems based on internationally recognised standards like Codex Alimentarius.

The HACCP-based food safety systems used throughout the Australian dairy supply chain are verified using a comprehensive framework of checks and balances. In addition, an independent chemical residue monitoring program coordinated by the Australian government is undertaken annually to assure the safety of the raw milk supply.

Food safety is not only regulated, it is monitored by every participant involved in the dairy supply chain so that risks are identified and addressed with a proactive response. In-built continuous improvement is used to address new and emerging risks, cater for process innovation and to build a strong food safety culture.

The result is that milk and dairy foods are kept safe all along the supply chain - from pre-farm right through until the product leaves Australia. This is all part of how our dairy industry is able to deliver world class dairy to local and international markets.

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