DairySA farewells long-time Board Member and Director Gary Zweck

The DairySA Board and community have been grateful for the contributions of farmer Gary Zweck over the last 10 years.

Initially starting as the SADA rep and then as a Farmer Director, Gary has also played the role of Deputy Chair for several years and has participated in multiple national focus groups, amongst other successes.

Based on his family farm at Blyth in South Australia, Gary’s property is now the last dairy before Alice Springs. From separating cream to a transition into whole milk, Gary’s parents built the dairy in 1970 where they began supplying cans to Golden North Ice Cream in Clare. Over time the focus shifted to include cropping management and home-grown fodder and grain production, which reflects Gary's current operation alongside wife Ros and son Justin.

Gary has always been a generous and insightful contributor to the Dairy Industry and his considered and pragmatic approach has been particularly appreciated in DairySA meetings. The DairySA team look forward to future catch ups with Gary across the event calendar and wish him the very best throughout the next chapter.



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