Dairy Australia offers online learning opportunities with Enlight

Did you know that Dairy Australia offers a variety of guided and self-paced online learning opportunities for you and your staff? Continue reading to learn more about our online system, Enlight.

What is Enlight?

Enlight is Dairy Australia's Learning Management System. In simple terms, it is the website that holds both facilitated and self-directed courses delivered by Dairy Australia. Access a world of online learning here.

How does it work?

When you enrol in an extension program via your local RDP, you will be automatically enrolled in Enlight, if that program contains online material. Through Enlight, you can access links for online workshops, videos and other reading material related to that extension program. A few of the more popular extension programs delivered through Enlight are:

Our Farm Our Plan

Employment Basics

Managing People

Milking and Mastitis management.

To see a full list of programs delivered by Dairy Australia via Enlight, access the Browse Learning section here.

What are the benefits of using Enlight?

By using Enlight, farmers can learn what they want, when they want. Learning materials are available 24/7 and your local RDP can offer digital support as well as learning support for the material.

As delivery for some of these programs is fully online, you can choose a time that best suits you for learning, and you no longer need to spend a full day commuting to and from an extension activity.

Some programs are offered nationally, which means you will get to meet, network and learn from other farmers from outside your own region.

A note for farmers & industry members.

For farm leaders we recommend you enrol all of your farm starters in “Starting a job in dairy - Safety and Livestock”. This fully self-directed program introduces new employees to farm safety concepts as well as how to work safely with livestock. It is also a great way to begin the extension pathway for your farm employees.

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