Ukraine dairy officials visit Hamiltons Run

South East Dairy farmer and Photographer Michele Hamilton has shared her experience hosting Ukraine dairy officials Sergey Bykov and Yuriy Kunak (both of the Ukrainian Milk Company LLC), at her family property Hamilton’s Run in February this year.


The Ukraine guests visited during a study tour of Australia and New Zealand in an effort to understand and develop opportunities for the Ukrainian dairy industry improvement post-conflict.


Michele highlights, “Our Ukraine guests were interested in both family farm ownership and corporate farming styles, with ourselves falling somewhere in between – we are a family owned and managed dairy farm with a corporate mindset”.


“We were able to share our journey and current position with them, detailing what is achievable and the hot topics which form our focus of management and future planning. We touched on breeding strategies, farm productivity, technology, human resources, natural resources, and farm economics.”


“Being situated about 70km from Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, these men live with the existence of conflict never far from their thoughts. It is humbling that our efforts in one corner of South Australia can contribute to the improvement of another nation’s food supply.”


Thank you to the Hamilton family for sharing your story. *Image: Shutterbytes by Michele Hamilton


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