DairySA welcomes Workforce Attraction Project Lead

Meet Alberta Badu-Yeboah. Alberta has enjoyed working with DairySA farmers for the past two years and has recently been appointed as the Workforce Attraction Project Lead.

Her role is to collaborate with farmers, industry and community organizations like schools, recruitment agencies, and migrant communities to promote and attract people to work in the dairy industry.

Recently, Alberta has attended a number of Career and Skill Expos to promote jobs in the dairy industry through education and activities; including the use of virtual reality headsets. She obtains the contact details of people interested in dairy farm work during these shows. For those looking for farm staff, kindly inform Alberta, and she will connect you with job seekers.

Moreover, this role requires Alberta to have a strong understanding of the workforce needs of SA farmers. Therefore, she will be reaching out to you to visit your farms, or connect via phone to acquire first-hand information and leverage Dairy Australia's efforts in supporting retention and capability development of people in dairy.

To inform Alberta of any available workforce positions or for any workforce-related chats, contact her via email alberta@dairy.com.au or phone on 0493 134 251.


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