Tasmania produced about 909 litres of milk in 2018–19, which represents 10.3% of the national milk pool. there are 412 dairy farms in Tasmania, with an average herd size of 392 cows. Dairy is the largest land-based agricultural sector in Tasmania. contributing to over $1 billion of the states economy each year.

There are three main dairy regions in Tasmania, being the north-west, central north and north-east of the state, including King Island.

What is DairyTas?

DairyTas is a regional team of Dairy Australia established in the 1990s to deliver practical and regionally relevant information to help improve local farm businesses.

DairyTas conducts work which is aimed at supporting the profitability of Tasmanian dairy farms, the capability of the state's farmers and the performance and protection of its herds.

DairyTas works to deliver both Tasmanian-specific and Australia-wide dairy research, development, extension and education activities that support and develop dairy farmers to build robust and sustainable businesses.

In constantly changing global, regulatory and natural environments, DairyTas prioritises and facilitate the opportunities that best support Tasmanian dairy farmers to manage their farms and businesses.

DairyTas cooperates with a range of industry and government stakeholders to help add further value to our programs. These organisations and groups include:

  • Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture (TIA)
  • TasTAFE
  • NRM organisations
  • State Government
  • Industry consultants and agribusiness and
  • Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association (TFGA) Dairy Council

Dairy Australia’s annual investment in DairyTas is determined by the region’s milk production. DairyTas works to leverage additional funds from natural resource management (NRM) bodies, state government and other interested investors.

Key projects

Dairy Smart

Run in conjunction with TIA, Dairy Smart helps farmers increase skills and business management by working in regional groups to focus on farm management priorities.

Nutrient management extension

DairyTas works to build awareness of the benefits of improved nutrient management through targeted nutrient applications and improved input efficiency.

DairyTas Board

DairyTas Team

DairyTas Regional Program: Industry events and awards

DairyTas Regional Programs

DairyTas Young Dairy Network

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