Farm profitability and sustainability starts with best use of nutrients from fertiliser and effluent. Dairy Australia's Fert$mart project has Tasmanian specific information and guidelines, including:

  • Soil fertility guidelines
  • Research and trials
  • Local case studies in soil and fertiliser management
  • Regional soils information

More information is available on the Fert$mart website.

Many farmers are now finding that when they get soil and fertiliser management right, they can produce more feed at no extra cost. With careful planning, fertiliser becomes a strategic tool to boost feed when it is most needed.

Fert$mart provides farmers and advisors with a planning approach and the know-how to achieve this.

Fert$mart can also save money by better matching applications to pasture nutrient requirements, allowing dairy farmers to save money on fertilisers without reducing production. Using the Fert$mart approach, nutrient application can better match the right product at the right rate at the right time and in the right place (4R principle). 

For information about Fert$mart, visit fertsmart.dairyingfortomorrow.com.au

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