Reducing Energy Costs

Tasmanian energy efficiency and renewables

Save money – have an on-farm energy assessment

Undertaking an energy assessment can save an average of $1,080 per farm in energy efficiency savings alone. For most farms, significantly larger savings are possible by improving electricity billing arrangements, e.g. removing unnecessary extra meters with annual charges and changing to time–of–use contracts.

Receive the best tariffs

Getting power bills right is the best way to save money on energy costs. Learn about the right to choose an electricity provider. This statement by the Tasmanian government outlines customer rights and obligations in Tasmania. Schedule an energy plan check every 12 months to make sure the best tariffs are received.

How efficient is the dairy?

Hot water, milk cooling and milk harvesting are the biggest on-farm energy consumers. Annual power bills range from $4,000 at the low end to $72,000 at the high end.

Benchmarking of 200 dairy shed energy audits was conducted from December 2012 to February 2015 as part of Smarter Energy Use in Australian Dairies.

Farmer case studies – Tasmanian dairy farmers and energy efficiency

Case Study

Post-installation Solar Energy Case Studies

The analysis takes the available solar production data at a variety of dairies across Tasmania and compares them to modelled performance.
Energy Efficiency


  • Investing in the Most Energy Efficient Irrigation Systems for the Farm factsheet 2011

    (04 December 2020)
    PDF, 1.02 MB
  • All About Energy Webinar Slides

    (08 December 2020)
    PDF, 2.14 MB
  • Energy Tariffs and Irrigation Energy Efficiency Case Study

    (04 December 2020)
    PDF, 692.98 KB
  • Achieving Successful Pasture Establishment

    (04 December 2020)
    PDF, 196.59 KB
  • On-farm Water Reticulation Guide

    (04 December 2020)
    PDF, 4.89 MB
  • Energy Use in Tasmanian Dairy Sheds

    (04 December 2020)
    PDF, 660.96 KB

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