YDN Study tour with GippsDairy- Dairy Goals: what’s your next step?


Wednesday, 20th July 2022

8:15AM - 4:00PM

Wednesday, 20th July 2022

8:15AM - 4:00PM

Thursday, 21st July 2022

8:15AM - 4:00PM

Thursday, 21st July 2022

8:15AM - 4:00PM
LOCATION Tinndarra Resort
79 Perricoota Road
Admit One / $0.00 AUD per person


Cost: $50

If you are unable to attend the whole event but would like to attend parts (eg dinner) - please contact Bec Wyper 0493 060 095

Gippsland YDN is touring in Northern Vic with the Murray Dairy YDN!!!!

Join the Murray dairy and GippsDairy YDN for a tour in Northern Vic to meet with farmers and discuss their dairy road to success. This is a 2 day tour and please feel free to join either day or the dinner or breakfast event if you aren't able to make the whole 2 days.

The tour is aimed to hear from a series of farmers and investors about your opportunities in the industry, how to start building up equity and stepping into ownership/sharefarming/leasing

We will be visiting Andrew Murphy to hear about his career pathway to date and how he is working through stepping up and taking over the family farm in Kyabram

Clymo's are based in Calivil and generational farmers that have built a free stall barn with the plans to expand in the future. Hear how they have worked as a family to get to where they are and the challenges they may or not had along the way and the support they received from around them

Dee's are located at Marcorna and have built an impressive robot compost barn on their generational farm. Hear what lead them down the robot pathway and how they have worked as a family to get to where they are today. They have now been running it for 12 months so hear about the changes to their business and production from their new system

Day 1: Tour 8:15am-5pm

We will visit 2 farms in Kyabram to hear their journey and pathway to get to where they are today. Hear about succession planning, growing up on a family farm to share farming to now leasing

Day 1 Dinner 6pm- 10pm

Enjoy a dinner to hear from Sam from Cultivate Farms about investment opportunities, as well as hearing from a panel of speakers about building equity, setting yourself up financially, loaning opportunities and setting up your career and future

Day 2 Breakfast 8:30am- 9:45am Enjoy a breakfast and hear about the OFOP program and stepping pathways Dairy Australia offers through their regional offices

Day 2 9:45am-4pm

Pick up and drop off from Mitiamo also available

We will head on farm to have a look at Clymo's Freestall barn and to Dee's to have a look at their compost robot farm

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