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Consumer Marketing

Dairy Australia's marketing to consumers aims to drive the value of dairy foods and the industry through positive promotion of the benefits of dairy.

Building trust: marketing approach

Dairy Australia has identified a highly engaged socially conscious audience who are seeking more transparent information to help them to form positive opinions of dairy.

Dairy Australia's consumer marketing campaign activity aims to address concerns of this group by providing transparent information on health, animal welfare and the environment to drive trust in the industry, farmers, and products.

World Milk Day

On 1 June 2020, Dairy Australia celebrates the 20th anniversary of World Milk Day with the creation of a video that celebrated the importance of dairy and our Australian dairy industry with the simple message of why ‘Milk Matters’.

The video called on dairy ambassadors, influencers and dairy farmers to tell us why milk matters to them to thank and celebrate the hard work of Australian dairy farmers. In addition, we launched the ‘Milk Bottle Challenge’ on social media encouraging people to kick trick shot between two milk bottle goal posts in support of Australian Dairy. Dairy Ambassadors, Jonathan Brown, Tom Hawkins and Rowan Marshall all took part in the challenge amongst dairy farmers, processors and other members of the dairy community.

  • Media

    Media publications including The Herald Sun (downloadable below), Stock and Land, as well as Sunrise on Channel 7 ran articles and stories in support of World Milk Day.

  • Social Media

    Influencers across Australia rallied in support of World Milk Day 2019, with social media posts from Khanh Ong, Jess Spendlove, Matt Moran, Joel Feren and Blake Proud.


  • WMD Herald Sun Article Make a note in your dairy its WMD

    PDF325.48 KB

Dairy is here for you

Dairy Australia has worked with a number of farmers and processors to develop a new campaign designed to show Australians that the dairy industry is ‘here for you’, and will continue to supply the fresh, nutritious dairy we all need during these unprecedented times.

Just as Australians have stuck by dairy farmers and regional communities over challenging periods, through bushfires and drought. During these uncertain times, we want to assure all Australians that dairy is here for you. Our farmers are working hard to supply the fresh, nutritious milk we all need.

Launching nationally across TV, digital and social, over 60 Australian dairy farming families, farm workers and processors were involved in creating this commercial. We encourage you to share the video posted to our @DairyAustralia Facebook and Instagram across your social channels and tag #DairyMatters.

Dairy Matters campaign

The same things that matter to the Australian community matter to the Australian dairy industry — the land, the animals, the people, a sustainable future and the health of families.

Dairy Australia is proud of the industry and wants Australians to know more about it. That is why it launched the Dairy Matters campaign in April 2019 . Designed to drive consumer trust in the industry and dairy products, the campaign is being delivered through ads featuring dairy farmers running across television, cinema and the web, as well as interactive online and community engagement activities.

Dairy Matters highlights the industry’s values and standards and demonstrates that it understands public expectations. Through this campaign, Dairy Australia can lean into conversations that exist around the industry and keep pace with the changing expectations of society around issues such as animal welfare and climate change.

A website,, has been launched, to provide a credible source of information about the dairy industry, its products and how they are produced.

The highlight of the website is the ‘You Ask, We Answer’ section which allows consumers to have their questions answered by tapping into the latest research and industry experts. This is a great platform to engage with the community and answer those questions that matter to them while addressing some misconceptions about the dairy industry.

  • Results so far

    The campaign was successfully delivered across broad reaching metro and regional channels including TV, cinema, social media, podcasts, search and digital.

    The results to date have been positive. Of the 30%of the key audience who saw the campaign:

    • 89% agreed it is ‘important to support the Australian dairy industry’
    • 78% agreed they ‘feel more supportive towards industry’
    • 69% agreed they ‘would pay attention to Dairy Australia material’

    Learn more about the campaign by accessing the visual and audio selection of the media assets for the Dairy Matters campaign across TV, podcasts, digital display and social media.

  • Television commercial and cinema advertising

  • Podcast advertising

    The following audio ads ran throughout Andrew Denton's highly successful Interview podcast series, with three message variations including health, environment and an extended version incorporating value based messaging for quality Australian dairy messaging.

    Audio ads with environment and value messaging performed well across Interview with David Tennant and The Guardian podcast series.

  • How can you support Dairy Matters?

    • Regularly check the 'You Ask, We Answer' section to view or submit any curly questions.
    • Connect and share posts on the Australian Dairy Facebook page.
    • Tell us your story. We are looking for case studies to help demonstrate the industry’s commitments towards a sustainable future. Get in touch via

In 2019, some of Dairy Australia's celebratory and value-driven campaigns included World Milk Day, Healthy Bones Action Week, the Australian Grand Dairy Awards and the Ambassador Program.

Australian Grand Dairy Awards

In 2019, Dairy Australia celebrated its 20th year of the Australian Grand Dairy Awards (AGDA). An AGDA campaign was launched which focused on building trust for the industry and products, as well as celebrating the quality, taste and inspiring stories behind the winning products.

The campaign generated:

  • 289 media clips across radio, TV, metro and regional print, online and blogs with 10 articles
  • Over 23 minutes of on-air coverage
  • 4,485 votes and over 9,900 website visits through the People's Choice Awards.

Learn more about AGDA below.

  • Media

  • Social Media

    Below are the ads that ran across Facebook and Instagram.






  • Good Food Guide AGDA Adertorial Five delicious dairy day trips

    PDF386.75 KB
  • AGDA Herald Sun Article Australias Best Gelato

    PDF260.78 KB

Healthy Bones Action Week

To celebrate Healthy Bones Action Week, Dairy Australia created the Milk Barre – a one-of-a-kind rooftop ballet barre experience designed to highlight the three key steps to maintaining healthy bones.

Influencers were engaged to drive attendance from the general public and campaign awareness, as well as attend the event on the day to share their experience on their social media channels.

The successful campaign results included:

  • 23 influencers attended the event with a combined online social media audience of over 1.3 million
  • 18 content stories on social media were posted in the lead-up to the event
  • 94 Instagram stories and eight posts were uploaded in the 24 hours following the event
  • Australian Dairy Instagram following grew by 500 per cent to 200 followers
  • Drove engagement on Australian Dairy Instagram page to 5.5 per cent, peaking with an influencer repost at 8.5 per cent.

Learn more about the Healthy Bones Action Week campaign below.

  • Graphics and posters

    Posters, invitations and infographics were created in a visually appealing, cohesive and engaging design. Below are some examples.

  • Media and social media 

    Below are a selection of the influencers' social media posts who shared the Healthy Bones Action Week messages during the Milk Barre event.


  • HBAW Milk Barre Poster

    PDF105.8 KB

Ambassador Program

Dairy Australia works with influencers and ambassadors, like chef Matt Moran, across events, campaign participation, social media and media opportunities to help raise the profile of dairy foods and the industry.

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