Supply Chain Investment

Dairy Australia invests across the supply chain to enhance the collective knowledge and capability of the Australian dairy industry.

The dairy value chain is highly interdependent.

  • For farmers to make profits, they need processors to buy their milk, process it and sell it
  • For processors to make profits, they need access to sustainable milk supplies
  • Farmers and processors need strong domestic and international markets, industry capability, innovation and community acceptance of their processes

As such, a key role for Dairy Australia is facilitating profitable partnerships and linkages across the supply chain and fostering collaboration across the industry.

Pre-farmgate investment

Approximately 80% of levy investment funds are directed toward on-farm related initiatives. Pre-farmgate investments include the key areas of:

  • Feedbase and animal nutrition
  • Genetics and animal improvements
  • Land, water and carbon
  • Health and fertility
  • Farm business management
  • People and capability
  • Regional extension services

Post-farmgate investment

A sustainable dairy industry needs safe production processes, access to high-value markets and recognition of the positive contribution of the dairy industry to human health and nutrition and to the community more broadly. Post-farmgate investments include the key areas of:

  • Trade and market access
  • Industry and community marketing
  • Industry risk and reputation management
  • Manufacturing innovation and sustainability
  • Knowledge and insights

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