Dairy Australia Business Units

Dairy Australia operates through five business units that work across the supply chain and eight regional offices delivering localised services.

Farm Profit and Capability

The Farm Profit and Capability team is focused on activities in the pre farm-gate sector. This work is conducted for farmers and those supporting farmers. The team commissions and manages research through Dairy Australia's partners, striving for innovation for the industry. It also develops and enables the delivery of training and education in a range of areas such as Animal Health and Welfare, Farm Performance, Irrigation, Climate, Feedbase and Employment on farm.

The team is made up of a number of supporting functions including Regional Services (the link between head office and the eight regional teams), Technical and Innovation, Learning and Development, and Operations.

Trade and Strategy

The Trade and Industry Strategy team works to maximise sustainable wealth creation for Australian dairy farmers by delivering strategic market and policy insights and solutions to support a profitable Australian dairy industry. The Trade and Industry Strategy team informs the decision making by industry and government using fact-based information and analysis to guide decisions.

The team is made up of a number of supporting functions including Technical Policy Support, International Market Support, Dairy Manufacturer Sustainability, Industry Knowledge and Insights.

Marketing and Communications

The purpose of the Marketing and Communications team is to demonstrate Dairy Australia's role, value and relevancy to farmers and broader stakeholders through proactive and tailored communications. It also works to build trust and promote the value of Australian dairy products and the industry through proactive communications to consumers.

The team is made up of a number of supporting functions including Corporate Communications, Issues and Stakeholder Management, Communications Planning & Content, Consumer Marketing and Digital.

Business and Organisational Performance

The Business and Organisational Performance team ensures that business performance and strategic planning supports the organisation in delivering effective performance and outcomes to stakeholders.

The team is responsible for ensuring good practice corporate governance and risk management. In addition, the purpose of the group is to lead and manage the IT requirements and financial, corporate and legal affairs of the organisation. It is made up of a number of supporting functions including Finance, Portfolio Management Office, Strategy & Planning, Legal, Company Secretarial, Facilities Management and Information Services.

Human Resources

The purpose of the Human Resources team is to develop an engaged, motivated and cohesive workforce that works collaboratively to achieve great results for Dairy Australia. This team maximises employee value through talent acquisition, employee onboarding, talent management, rewards, and employee experience and culture.

The team is made up of a number of supporting functions including Talent Acquisition, Workplace Health and Safety and Pay and Benefits.

Regional Services

The Regional Services team is at the forefront of Dairy Australia's work and investment, localised in dairy regions in Australia, with services, connection and engagement with farmers.

Through Regional Services, our national programs, research outcomes, and regionally tailored services are accessible to farmers and dairy communities through our regional teams based at worksites across Australian dairy communities.

The team collaborates and interacts with the other business units to plan, develop and deliver relevant and quality services for our dairy farmers.

The team consists of around 60 staff including, the eight Regional Teams working to deliver farmer-facing services nationally. Working collaboratively across the Dairy Australia business, Regional Services ensures relevant and timely delivery to meet the needs of dairy farm business.

You can find more here on our regional teams, offices and RDP Board 


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