Dairy Export Reports & Briefs

  • Dairy Export Report May 2024PDF60 KB
  • Dairy Export Summary May 2024XLSX21.43 KB
  • Dairy Export Report April 2024PDF56.47 KB
  • Dairy Export Summary April 2024XLSX21.4 KB
  • Dairy Export Report March 2024PDF57.54 KB
  • Dairy Export Summary March 2024XLSX21.32 KB
  • Market Brief China 2022/23PDF304.04 KB
  • Market Brief Japan 2022/23PDF299.15 KB
  • Market Brief Korea 2022/23PDF333.58 KB
  • Market Brief Indonesia 2022/23PDF367.12 KB
  • Market Brief Malaysia 2022/23PDF333.29 KB
  • Market Brief Singapore 2022/23PDF461.16 KB
  • Market Brief Thailand 2022/23PDF308.71 KB
  • Market Brief Vietnam 2022/23PDF311.9 KB
  • Market Brief Philippines 2022/23PDF303.47 KB

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