Australian dairy in international markets

As the world's fourth biggest dairy exporter, Australia is known for its high quality, safe and nutritious products. Australia's diverse range of dairy farms and processors of all sizes allows us to deliver world class dairy for our valued customers.

The milk we produce here in Australia not only supplies our domestic consumer market but is also processed into high quality products that enter our key international markets. Access to these markets ensures farmers obtain a competitive milk price.

Our mission is to foster a positive culture where everyone prospers from our farmers to our valued customers around the world, because with Australian dairy, everyone thrives together.

Dairy Australia's Role

Dairy Australia builds strong relationships in our key markets, working together to overcome regulatory and policy issues to maintain and grow our export markets.

Dairy Australia provides technical support for industry and government in policy negotiations that aim to improve Australia's access to key markets. The International Market Development program aims to develop a preference for Australian dairy by reinforcing its position as a trusted, agile and reliable supplier of high-quality dairy products.

Building International Relationships

Learn how Dairy Australia works to build strong partnerships with key international customers.

Market Access and Trade Policy

Dairy Australia works towards smooth passage of products and diverse market access for Australian products.

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