Get on board with GippsDairy

Nominations for both farmer and industry specialist positions on the GippsDairy board are now open.

Current GippsDairy Chair Grant Williams said that his time on the board had allowed him to look at the dairy industry in a different way and had helped him grow both personally and professionally.

“Being a director on the GippsDairy Board has given me an increased understanding of the dairy industry and provided me with a better insight into where our dairy levy dollars are spent,” he said.

“The dairy industry provides great support in governance training for its directors. That knowledge of governance will hold me in good stead for the rest of my life.”

Farm consultant Matt Harms, who spent six years on the board, said the experience would benefit anyone involved in the dairy industry.

“I learned a lot during my two three-year terms on the GippsDairy board. I was exposed to the industry at a different level than I had been exposed to previously,” he said.

“I now understand much more about policy and about Dairy Australia and what it’s role is in the industry. That includes areas I wasn’t well aware of like regulation and trade.

Applications are due by Tuesday, 31 August 2021 – late applications will not be accepted. Short listed applicants will be interviewed by an Independent Selection Panel at Warragul in mid-September. Successful candidates will attend an induction session and be invited to attend the Board meeting on 4th October.

For a copy of the position description and application form, phone 03 5624 3900, email

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