Calf bins

Due to recent developments, the Maffra Knackery will no longer be able to provide public access calf bins. There are two main reasons for this development: The risk calves pose after being dead for longer than 24hrs and calves not having an NLIS tag (which is a traceability requirement).

However, there will still be other options available for dairy farmers:

  • Large farms may choose to have a bin on farm that the knackery will empty daily.
  • Farmers can drop deceased calves (less than 24hrs deceased) to the knackery where their NLIS tag must be scanned.
  • A group of geographically close farmers may choose to work together and use a collective bin.
  • Burial – where EPA regulations are met.
  • Mortality composting –  A workshop specifically on mortality composting is planned in May for dairy farmers.

For more information please contact Donna Gibson on 0447 277 288 or Maffra Knackery on (03) 5145 4324.

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