Dairy Export Reports & Briefs

Dairy Australia's export reports and international market briefs help industry stakeholders to stay informed of changing export conditions.

Export reports

Our monthly export reports provide data in volume (tonnes) and value (AUD) terms for butter, butter oil, cheddar cheese, other cheese, milk, skim milk powder, whole milk powder, whey products, mixtures and other dairy products.

Current reports
  • Dairy Export Report March 2024PDF57.54 KB
  • Dairy Export Summary March 2024XLSX21.32 KB
Recent reports
  • Dairy Export Report February 2024PDF56.67 KB
  • Dairy Export Summary February 2024XLS51.5 KB
  • Dairy Export Report January 2024PDF56.25 KB
  • Dairy Export Summary January 2024XLS51.5 KB

Market briefs

Each brief outlines the latest developments and market conditions in Australia's key dairy export markets.

North Asia
  • Market brief China - Financial year 2022 / 23PDF304.04 KB
  • Market brief Japan - FY 2022 / 23PDF299.15 KB
  • Market brief Korea - FY 2022 / 23PDF333.58 KB
South-east Asia
  • Market brief Indonesia - FY 2022 / 23PDF367.12 KB
  • Market brief Malaysia - FY 2022 / 23PDF333.29 KB
  • Market brief Singapore - FY 2022 / 23PDF461.16 KB
  • Market brief Thailand - FY 2022 / 23PDF308.71 KB
  • Market brief Vietnam - FY 2022 / 23PDF311.9 KB
  • Market brief Philippines - FY 2022 / 23PDF303.47 KB

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