Dairy Farm Monitor Project - Tasmania

The Dairy Farm Monitor Project (DFMP) provides a comprehensive physical and financial analysis of 250 dairy farms across Australia, representing a distribution of farm size, herd size and geographical location. DFMP informs decision making and prioritisation for key industry stakeholders including Dairy Australia and government bodies.

DFMP provides high quality comparative data in DairyBase, which is available to all dairy farmers to measure and compare their own farm business performance and identify areas for improvement. Learn more about DairyBase.

Current reports

  • TAS DFMP Annual Report 2022-23PDF1.85 MB

Previous reports

  • TAS DFMP Annual Report 2021-22PDF5.33 MB
  • TAS DFMP Annual Report 2020-21PDF5.38 MB
  • TAS DFMP Annual Report 2019-20PDF3.22 MB
  • TAS DFMP Annual Report 2018-19PDF3.73 MB
  • TAS DFMP Annual Report 2017 18PDF2.6 MB
  • TAS DFMP Annual Report 2013 14PDF1.54 MB
  • TAS DFMP Annual Report 2014 15PDF1.55 MB
  • TAS DFMP Annual Report 2015 16PDF2.12 MB
  • TASDFMP Annual Report 2016 17PDF2.97 MB

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