Dairy Manufacturers Sustainability Council

Dairy Australia supports dairy manufacturers in addressing sustainability challenges to strengthen the operations needed to access competitive and environmentally conscious global markets. 

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The Dairy Manufacturers Sustainability Council works with Australian dairy manufacturers to reduce the industry's environmental impact by improving its performance and operations. It's comprised of environmental and sustainability group managers from local dairy manufacturing companies with an interest in supporting the Council's goals. 

Members report on their sustainability performance each year, and the aggregated data is used to deliver an Environmental Scorecard and report on goals established in the Australian Dairy Industry Sustainability Framework. 

Dairy Australia tracks the manufacturing sector’s performance against several key environmental indicators and initiatives supporting improvement - achieved by:

  • Monitoring and supporting Council member progress against industry sustainability targets.
  • Publicly reporting on collective outcomes.
  • Enabling knowledge-sharing on best practice.
  • Connecting members with pre-screened technologies and project funding opportunities to accelerate technology transfer.
  • Drawing upon a collective voice and the support of Dairy Australia to respond to industry issues.

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Farmers can also receive support from Dairy Australia’s farm system experts by attending a two-day workshop. It offers a great opportunity to connect with and learn from other farmers that are considering a farm system change.

The workshop will enable farmers to:

  • Outline their business objectives to determine the most suitable farm system.
  • Share initial versions of their strategic and action plans for group feedback.
  • Make an informed decision about the options and considerations for investing in a new system.
  • Get ready to start the planning, implementation and operation of their chosen system.

Register your interest in future workshops or request further information using the form below.

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