Update on Dairy Australia response to floods in New South Wales

Dairy Australia is working to support the many farmers who have been affected by the heavy rainfall and floods over the last week in NSW, particularly those located around the Mid North Coast, Northern Tablelands, Hunter and Central Tablelands regions. 

To date around 150-200 farms have been affected by the floods, with 20-25 farms having their operations severely impacted. 

All farms are able to milk but milk pick-ups have been interrupted right across the region due to road damage. 

While damages on farms are still being assessed, significant losses to infrastructure, paddock and stock are expected. 

The NSW SES is coordinating and leading the on-the-ground response, while the LLS/DPI are managing animal and emergency feed-related enquiries.

Dairy Australia has initiated its Issues Response Team, and key staff are working closely with their Dairy NSW and Subtropical Dairy colleagues to support the current emergency response as well as recovery efforts once water levels start to recede.

The Dairy Australia website has been updated with relevant resources about preparing for and recovering from floods, including a factsheet on missed milkings and Dairy Australia feed budgeting tools. You can find these resources here


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