growAG is a new online platform for connecting to innovation opportunities in the agrifood sector

growAG is an online global gateway that showcases Australia’s world leading agrifood research, unique technologies, success stories and commercialisation opportunities on one publicly available new platform.

Launched today, the website enables easy navigation of the key people and organisations working within the Australian agrifood innovation ecosystem, including Dairy Australia.

Part of an ongoing collaboration between, Dairy Australia, AgriFutures and other RDCs, farmers can now see their levy funded research projects from across the RDC network in one location using filters to search across the different commodities. 

All the information on the platform is free to access and allows farmers, investors, corporates, startups, researchers, industry, government and universities from Australia and around the world to locate information and opportunities to deliver innovation back to the farm and the food supply-chain.

Visit growAG for more information.


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