Be a part of the future of dairying with the Milking Edge Automatic Milking Systems training course

The Australian dairy industry is committed to supporting awareness, investment and successful operation of Automatic Milking Systems (AMS), with a free training course starting in July.

With AMS, milking-related tasks no longer require a human touch. A robotic arm cleans, attaches and sprays teats of each cow individually. Milking events occur distributed throughout the day and night, with no set defined milking sessions.

Today, there are around 50 AMS installed in Australia, across every dairy region.

Milking Edge AMS training course
To ensure successful operation of AMS, a free training course is available to all farmers, farm staff and service providers of the Australian Dairy Industry. 

The course is suited to a wide audience ranging from those seriously considering the technology, those interested in the technology but not necessarily in a position to invest right now, and those looking to work on or with AMS farms.

To register your interest in the Milking Edge AMS training course, complete an expression of interest form here.

The AMS training course is run online over ten weeks and includes a combination of self-paced learning modules covering the key management aspects on an AMS farm, group discussions and where possible, face to face activities. 

During the training course, participants will need to:

  • complete eight training modules, taking approximately an hour each
  • participate in Q&A sessions with AMS farmers and service providers
  • engage in practical exercises.

More information
For information on further courses or anything else in relation to the AMS training course, please contact Jess Bell on 0417 576 550 or


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