Apply now for a scholarship into the Dairy Farm Managers program

People seeking to build a career in dairy farm business management are encouraged to apply for the Dairy Farm Managers program at Marcus Oldham College in Victoria.

Three assisted places are available for the 2022 intake in the program, which was launched in 2020 in partnership with Dairy Australia. The program aims to develop business management capabilities in the next generation of dairy farm managers.  Applications are now open for the program and close on the 6 August 2021.

A Dairy Learning Plan is provided as part of the college’s Bachelor of Business (Agriculture) course, enabling students in the program to develop dairy specific business management skills. An 11-month practical placement on a working dairy farm is a core component of the course, alongside two years of study at the college campus near Geelong.

Third year’s a charm for current students

Previous scholarship winners Lachie Davis, Will Renyard, and David Conn are currently completing their third year of study at Marcus Oldham, having completed their 11-month industry work placement last year.

Lachie grew up on a dairy farm in Southwest Victoria, learning the ropes from his father. “I always wanted to be a dairy farmer, and I was constantly found out in the fields helping dad out after school or footy,” Lachie said. “I wanted to learn something that would differentiate from what my dad could teach me. Learning about the business side of things through Marcus Oldham was huge in my development. Looking at international markets and how that influences pricing, the strategies behind dairy marketing, and how to build a profitable business has been a real eye-opener.”

“That’s the parts of the course I’ve enjoyed the most, the financial management side. I’ve learned to be more proactive than reactive when it comes to finances, and that’ll be invaluable to my future career in the dairy industry,” Lachie said.

While Lachie had his heart set early on about pursuing a career in dairy farming, Timboon native Will Renyard wasn’t always so sure of his future path.
“I was never set on dairying when I was at school, but I knew I wanted to do something within agriculture,” Will said. “Once I’d started in the Dairy Farm Managers program, it really solidified my passion for dairy.”

For his second year of study, Will was placed on a 450 cow dairy farm in South Gippsland. “The placement was especially helpful – I was able to take everything I’d learned in the first year and really put it into practice. I even learned a thing or two I could take home with me to the family farm. Not necessarily a ‘better way of doing things’, but different approaches to dairying. Once the placement was over, I came back to Marcus Oldham with more practical based questions during class,” he said.

Tasmanian David Conn also found the placement a great learning experience. “The practical learning was really good. Putting together case studies where we had to write about the farm and businesses we were working at, as well as the decisions I was making was important as it allowed me to reflect on what I’d learned, and where the gaps were,” David said.

“The third year has really stepped it up a notch though. We’re learning about what drives profitability and production, and how to really build a successful dairy business.  It’s going past the basic farm principles and dives into analysing the business side of things, like supply and demand. Learning how to get the best bang for your buck and how to really make money by budgeting well is an important tool for my career,” he said.

Scholarships now open

If you’re highly motivated and interested in a career in dairy farm management, and have a genuine passion for the industry, apply now for a scholarship in the Dairy Farm Managers program for 2022. 

Dairy Australia will provide support for three scholarships for students commencing in 2022. These are open to any Australian residents who have an interest in studying a Bachelor of Business (Agriculture) at Marcus Oldham College and a demonstrated commitment to pursuing a career in dairy farm management.    

Applications close 6 August 2021.

For more information or to apply, visit the Marcus Oldham website.


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