Supporting farmers to make carbon farming decisions

A new and easy online tool offers farmers a practical resource to help them evaluate which type of carbon farming project is right for their farm business.

The Carbon Opportunity Decision Support Tool (CODST) forms part of AgriFutures Australia’s $2 million investment in carbon initiatives, designed to help build understanding of carbon management and how farmers, growers and supply chain businesses can profitably participate in carbon projects.

Dairy farmers are at the front-line of dealing with the impact of climate change and the sector has committed to contribute to global emissions reduction efforts with a target of 30% reduction in emissions intensity of milk by 2030, through the Australian Dairy Sustainability Framework.

The Government offers a range of programs to help incentivise emissions reduction on farm – but which one is right for your farm? The well-publicised Emissions Reduction Fund is the Government’s major program, offering pathways to generate carbon credits, known as ACCUs, which can be sold on the carbon market to generate income. But participation can have high costs and requires a commitment of a minimum of 25years, so may not be for everyone. Other opportunities may have less cost and commitment, but provide a lower return.

The Carbon Opportunity Decision Support Tool can help, by guiding users through a series of yes/no questions that consider the costs, benefits and risks of various options, to arrive at a list of carbon opportunities that may be a good fit for their particular farm business.

The Dairy Australia website also features a range of resources to help you understand your on-farm emissions profile, options to mitigate your emissions and adapt your farm businesses, as well as a handy Carbon Farming webinar, hosted by the Australian Farm Institute, which provides context and background to help you better understand and evaluate your options.

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