Dairy Australia Board Appointment

The outgoing CEO of Bega Group, Paul van Heerwaarden has been appointed to the Dairy Australia Board.

After a thorough search and interview process Mr van Heerwaarden is joining the skills-based board as a non-executive director with dairy supply chain and product promotion experience.

Mr van Heerwaarden has been with Bega Group for more than a decade and has been in the CEO role for nearly six years. His retirement from Bega was announced in October.

Chair of Dairy Australia’s Board Selection Committee, Tania Luckin said: “Paul will bring significant business expertise including sales, marketing and a deep understanding of future trends and issues that could impact on the sustainability and profitability of the dairy industry.

Along with a strategic mindset he has a breadth and depth of experience in dairy and across agriculture more broadly having held a number of executive roles. This experience will assist Dairy Australia to continue to deliver for farmers and the dairy industry,” said Ms Luckin.

A board vacancy became available due to the resignation of Russell Abotomey. Mr van Heerwaarden is appointed until November 2023 with the opportunity to seek a further three-year term at the 2023 AGM.

More information on the Director election process is available on the Dairy Australia website.


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