Dairy Australia to launch Farm System Evaluator to support infrastructure selection

Dairy Australia is developing an infrastructure selection tool to help assess a dairy farm’s readiness to change to a new farm system involving feeding and housing infrastructure.

The new tool, called Farm System Evaluator, will guide farmers through a logical framework that enables farm business performance to be assessed across key management areas. The tool uncovers the benefits and limitations of operating a new feeding and housing infrastructure that may suit specific on-farm needs. It also develops a strategic action plan to help farmers visualise a proposed feeding and housing infrastructure change.  

This innovative new tool is part of Dairy Australia’s commitment to driving herd and feed innovation by delivering on-farm gains as a result of outcomes of research to improve genetics of pasture and cattle, and providing valuable data to inform dairy farm business decision making. 

Farm System Evaluator is proudly funded by NSW Government in association with Dairy Australia and Agriculture Victoria. 

For more information about the Farm System Evaluator and when you can access it, please contact Karen Romano using the details below. 

Karen Romano

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National Feeding and Farm Systems Technical Lead
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