Make your cheese platter matter this summer

New research reveals only 20 per cent of Aussies feel very confident in their ability to curate a cheeseboard.

In keeping with the festive spirit and the sentiment of giving, Dairy Australia is giving Aussies four tips to nail the cheeseboard this summer. 

1. Stick to using ‘easy’ cheeses, and limit to 3!  
Stick to using a selection of core, yet diverse cheeses and avoid busting out anything too strong. Consider including a soft cheese like camembert or brie, a hard cheese like cheddar, and a blue cheese. You’ve then covered all bases. 

2. Spruce up your platter
The goal of any cheese platter is to get your guests’ mouths watering, and presentation does not go unnoticed. Arrange the cheeses and accompaniments in an aesthetically pleasing manner by using cheeses with different shapes, textures, and heights to create an eye-catching display. If you’re catering for a large group, pre-cut a few slices to up the ‘mouth-water appeal’. Use a variety of coloured and textured crackers, and don’t be afraid to mix your savouries with your sweets, and we do not mean adding lollies to your platters, people.   

3. Label your cheeses
You might consider placing small signs or labels near each cheese to inform your guests about the types of cheeses they are enjoying, as well as where they are sourced. This adds a touch of sophistication and helps guests navigate their selections. Just make sure they’re Aussie dairy cheeses made from quality fresh Aussie cow’s milk. 

4. Get creative and get your pair on
Want your guests to think you’re a cheese connoisseur? Follow these simple pairings – white mould cheese goes perfectly with lavosh, baguette, smoked salmon, raspberries, pears, baked apples and fruit bread. Serving a blue? Think honey, quince paste, walnuts, pecans, dried figs and muscatels, add in a little fruit and nut bread and your board will really hum. Cheddar is Aussie’s most popular cheese with its lingering deep flavour that goes so well with pickled vegetables, chutney, smoked meats, grapes, sweet spices like cloves and cinnamon! 

With more international cheeses on the market here in Australia, and cheeseboards being a pivotal entertaining moment, Dairy Australia is encouraging Australians to get behind Aussie farmers this Christmas by checking dairy product labels to make sure they are made from Aussie milk. According to a report conducted by Dairy Australia, imports of cheese have grown almost 44 per cent in Australia. 

Dairy Australia spokesperson Glenys Zucco says, “When you’re buying cheese this summer, remember to buy Aussie cheese to support regional jobs, keep our local communities thriving, and give your guests the very best quality Aussie cheese.” 



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