Fact Sheet

Strategies For Managing Heat Stress

Minimising heat stress on animals results in not only happier and healthier cows, but also increases milk production and profits for dairy farmers.

The resources on this page provide tangible advice that dairy farmers can implement now and into the future to reduce the negative impacts of hot weather.

For an overview on the Feeding Cool Cows research program outcomes on key nutritional strategies you can implement now, refer to the fact sheets below. For information and practical advice to protect cows from heat through planning, management and investments including infrastructure, refer to the Cool Cows Booklet below.

  • Cool Cows BookletPDF7.85 MB
  • Hot weather reduces quality of irrigated dairy foragesPDF768.04 KB
  • Feeding low fibre forageduring hot weatherPDF988.55 KB
  • Betaine as a dietary additive to mitigate heat stressPDF362.8 KB
  • Supplementary fats for heat stress mitigationPDF613.52 KB

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