Case Study

Smarter Irrigation for Profit Case Studies

Dairy Australia's Smarter Irrigation for Profit provides the following case studies showcasing how dairy farmers have applied efficient irrigation practices to increase farm productivity and profitability.


  • Irrigation Scheduling TechnologiesPDF2.26 MB
  • Irrigation Tools and TechnologiesPDF25.82 MB
  • Irrigation System EvaluationPDF816.2 KB

New South Wales

  • Improving Water Effeciency - ForecastingPDF641.65 KB
  • Making the Most of Raw Data - BegaPDF582.89 KB
  • Upgrading a Centre Pivot - BegaPDF291.07 KB

South Australia

  • Decreasing Summer Feed CostsPDF631.47 KB
  • Gaining Water Efficiencies - Moisture ProbesPDF610.21 KB


  • Improving Variable Rate Irrigation - Centre PivotPDF410.68 KB
  • Improving Pasture Growth - Centre Pivot VRIPDF291.81 KB
  • Improving Pasture Growth - Centre Pivot SchedulingPDF289.5 KB


  • Improving Irrigation Practices - MepungaPDF559.58 KB
  • More Productive Soil Moisture Management - YarramPDF551.09 KB
  • Boosting Irrigation Efficiencies - CobainsPDF657.74 KB
  • Managing Irrigation - SatellitesPDF309.22 KB
  • Managing Large Scale Dairy Irrigation - SatellitesPDF299.61 KB

Western Australia

  • Improving Pasture Growth - Centre Pivot VRIPDF296.92 KB
  • Optimising Homegrown Feed - DardanupPDF586.98 KB

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