On-farm composting can provide farmers with the capacity to transform a wide range of different organic waste materials into a valuable product that can be applied to crops and pastures around the farm. Composting enables much of the nutrients and organic matter in these wastes to be safely and conveniently returned back to the soil.

Conventional composting techniques can be used to convert organic farm wastes ranging from spoiled hay and silage, fouled bedding, manure and effluent treatment pond sludge into compost.

Specialist mortality composting can be used for the safe disposal of dead livestock. On-farm composting of dead stock can provide a viable alternative to traditional disposal methods – such as knackeries and on-farm burial – for dairy farms and other intensive livestock industries to safely and responsibly manage animal mortalities.

Further information regarding on-farm composting and understanding composting products is available on the Dairying for Tomorrow website.

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