DairyBio is a long-term joint venture between Dairy Australia, Gardiner Foundation and Agriculture Victoria focused on innovative research into herd and forage genetics for improving animal health and farm profitability.

Herd research

DairyBio’s herd research is supporting farmers to better identify the genetic merit of individual cows and bulls, which aims to improve the overall genetic traits of their herds.

The herd research outcomes are delivered in collaboration with DataGene, an industry-owned initiative that specialises in herd genetics. This research has led to significant genetic gain in breeding values and national herd development for the Australian dairy industry. It is also demonstrated through the rapid growth of calves genomically tested with over 90,000 tests undertaken in 2022-23.

Forage research

Forage research focuses on improving the three key areas of pasture performance – yield, persistence and quality.

The forage research outcomes include the introduction of the new Samurye hybrid (cross of annual and perennial) ryegrass species to the Australian dairy industry, which provides higher yields and greater pest resistance.

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