Regional Services

Regional Services

Regional Services is at the forefront of Dairy Australia's work and investment, localised in dairy regions in Australia, with services, connection and engagement with farmers.

Through Regional Services, our national programs, research outcomes, and regionally tailored services are accessible to farmers and dairy communities through our regional teams based at worksites across Australian dairy communities.

The team collaborates and interacts with the other business units to plan, develop and deliver relevant and quality services for our dairy farmers.

The team consists of around 60 staff including, the eight Regional Teams working to deliver farmer-facing services nationally.


What we deliver

Dairy Australia has local teams based in all dairy regions who:

  • Deliver extension services that result in adoption and practice change on farm
  • Contribute technical expertise within regions, across regions and nationally
  • Provide a one-stop shop – being the local and regional point of contact, referral and/or coordination
  • Inform RDE and policy priorities and development
  • Continuous improvement of our team and organisations

You can contact your local team here.

RDP Boards 
Regional Services and Regional Teams service and connect with the eight RDP (Regional Development Program) Boards. The Boards play a significant role in priority setting and levy investment across the dairy regions and inform the work of DA, Regional Services, and the local teams. Click on the links links below to find out more about regional Boards 



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