Energy Saving Tips

Reducing energy use on farm is one of the quickest and easiest ways to reduce farm emissions and costs.

Dairy Australia has worked with energy experts to develop the following resources to support dairy farmers with deciding when and where to target their efforts.

To get started with an overview on energy saving and terminology, refer to the Saving Energy on Dairy Farms and Energy Glossary resources. For detailed information on ways to save energy, choose a topic from the resource options below.

  • Saving Energy on Dairy FarmsPDF8.09 MB
  • Energy GlossaryPDF353.89 KB
  • Batteries for Dairy FarmsPDF362.38 KB
  • Bioenergy for Dairy FarmsPDF738.44 KB
  • Dairy Shed Easy Energy Tune-upPDF535.05 KB
  • Energy Monitoring and Energy AuditsPDF2.95 MB
  • Heat PumpsPDF381.39 KB
  • Heat RecoveryPDF546.16 KB
  • Milk CoolingPDF379.81 KB
  • Solar IrrigationPDF1.02 MB
  • Solar PV Ready ReckonerPDF1003.92 KB
  • Thermal StoragePDF507.49 KB

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